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Cambridge Audio 70W Subwoofer (SX120)

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Cambridge Audio
  • 70W integrated amplifier
  • 203mm (8’’) long-throw woofer
  • CAD modelled rigid MDF cabinet
  • Individual vol., crossover & phase adjustment
  • Auto detect (on/off)


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SX120. Sub-Bass Comes First
Our SX120 subwoofer adds rich sub-bass textures to listening, when used in combination with other speakers in the SX Series. The integrated 70W RMS amplifier and custom designed 203mm (8”) driver, come into their own for home cinema applications. Films move from a passive to immersive experience, as SX120 brings deep atmospheric drama to soundtracks.

Power on Demand
SX120 benefits from an internal 70W amplifier that draws on our experience gained from designing award-winning amps over many years. Subwoofer amps should produce their power in a completely linear way to avoid distortion, which can trouble low frequencies. SX120 does just that, meaning that your movie soundtracks have the explosive power they need, when you need it.

Solid as The Rock
Home theatre speaker engineering starts with the cabinet. Computer-aided design (CAD) was used extensively to refine SX120’s internal structures, to ensure that while the driver is vibrating with your soundtrack, the cabinet isn’t. This means that every millimetre of movement from the sub-bass is directed where it should be.

How Low Can you Go?
SX120 has a large 203mm (8″) long-throw woofer, made from specially treated paper. Audio manufacturers have been using it for years, as paper’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality – allowing movie soundtracks to hit new atmospheric depths.

One Driver, In Sync
Matching a subwoofer to the other speakers in your setup can feel complicated. Our team in London took great care and attention when designing the amplifier inside SX120. You can adjust the bass frequencies to mesh perfectly with the rest of your speaker setup. The result? Your films sound engaging, energetic and full of atmosphere.

Engineered, Front to Back
The attention to detail on SX120 runs from front to back. There are two neat bass reflex ports around the back, allowing you to adjust the sub-bass by relative position from the wall. You’ll also find switches and knobs to fine-tune the subwoofer’s performance (when you set it up) in relation to the other speakers in your setup.

Designed for Real Life
The new look SX120 subwoofer’s clean, understated design allows it to sit unobtrusively on the floor, tucked away in a corner. Leave the grille on to protect the driver from little fingers, or your vacuum cleaner – alternatively take it off to celebrate your great taste in movies (and speakers).

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